Brand: Costco Bakery
Product Code: BAKR-0040
Quantity: 12pc
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These make breakfast better, enough said!. If you toss them in the freezer you'll have bread ready to be defrosted for any meal at a moment's notice. Expiry date is 1-2 days after date of shipment but they should be ok for days after arrival.

Expiry Dates and Freshness: The printed expiry date on this item is typically 1 day after the purchase date. For most parts of Japan this means that your item will arrive the day before printed expiry date or even the same day as the printed expiry date. For deliveries to Hokkaido, Kyushu and Okinawa your item will likely arrive on the same day the printed expiry date or even arrive the day after. this item will still be good for days after arrival, but we recommend freezing them if you aren't going to eat them right away. In adding these to your cart you acknowledge and accept the above and understand that we cannot accept returns or issue refunds for this item that arrive on or after the expiry date.

Shipping:  Depending on the other contents of your order, the time of year and the destination in Japan we are shipping to, please understand that we use our discretion in deciding whether to send your item unrefrigerated, chilled or frozen.

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