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Having a party? Have something to celebrate? Bring a freshly baked cream-filled sheet cake from Costco's bakery and set your celebrations apart as something truly special. Customize the cake to suit your tastes and needs.

IMPORTANT--Please Read Before Ordering

Cake Details
* These cakes can feed about 48 people, but the exact number of servings will depend on how large you like your slices. The cake is about 45 cm x 37 cm.

* The design and colors of your cake may differ from the cake shown above. The bakery stays true to the theme of the cake, but different bakers and cake decorators may bring a slightly different aesthetic.

* Cakes will come with no writing unless you write a 'personal message' in the appropriate blank above. The writing shown on the cake in the example photo above is shown purely as an example.

* Writing on cakes can be up to 40 alphanumeric characters or up to 18 Japanese characters.

Shipping Details

* We take every precaution to ensure that your cake will arrive looking just as great as when it was shipped. However, we cannot guarantee that the decoration won't be a little damaged during shipping.

* It is rare for there to be any problems, but in ordering, you acknowledge and accept this possibility. Further, by ordering you acknowledge and understand that cakes cannot be replaced or returned.

* To limit the possibility of damage during delivery, all cakes ship frozen and will usually ship as separate items.

* Please allow at least 1 week for delivery of cakes.

Customers can cancel cake orders at anytime until 12 noon the working day before they are due to be shipped. If your cake is due tobe shipped on Wednesday, you can cancel your cake up until 12 noon on Tuesday. If your cake  is due to be shipped on Monday, you can cancel your cake up until 12 noon on Friday. Please be aware that your shipping date will be at least one day before your delivery date, so please take care when ordering for a weekend delivery. As mentioned above, cakes cannot be returned or replaced.

Expiry Dates and Freshness
The printed expiry date on freshly-baked sheet cakes is typically 2-3 days from the purchase date. For most parts of Japan this means that your
cake will arrive a day or two before the printed expiry date. For deliveries to Hokkaido, Kyushu and Okinawa your cake will likely arrive the day before or even the day of the printed expiry date. The cake will still be good for about a week after delivery, but we highly recommend freezing it if you aren't going to eat it right away. In adding these to your cart you acknowledge and accept the above and understand that we cannot accept returns or issue refunds for cakes that arrive on or after the printed expiry date.

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