Brand: Hormel
Product Code: HORM-0021
Quantity: 12×65g + 12×6g
Availability: In Stock

With this set the taco meat, and hot sauce are already prepared so all you need is some rice, lettuce and a little grated cheese and you are devouring delicious taco rice in minutes! Perfect for those who are strapped for time. 

Taco meat ingredients: Meat (chicken, beef, pork), onion paste, chili sauce, powdered soy protein, spices, salt, sugar, chicken consomme, starch, yeast extract, powdered fish sauce, processed starch, seasoning (amino acids)

Hot sauce ingredients: Tomatoes, sugar, red peppers, onions, Worcester sauce, brewed vinegar, salt, spices, antioxidant (vitamin C), seasoning (amino acids), coloring agent (carotinoid, caramel color), thickener (Xanthan gum), acidulants, spice extract, sweetener (licorice)

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