Brand: IKEA Foods
Product Code: IKFD-0031
Quantity: 40g
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Have you ever tried the meatballs at IKEA? This is the delectable cream sauce that those delicious meatballs get slathered with. Just pour the 280ml of cold water into a saucepan along with 70ml of cream (milk will suffice in a pinch) and bring it to a boil. Then add this sauce mix and stir for 3 minutes and presto you have yourself some delicious sauce that is not only good for IKEA's legendary meatballs but also mashed potatoes and even hamburg steak with mushrooms. 

Made in Sweden. 

Ingredients: Corn starch, maltodextrin, vegetable fat, yeast extract, salt, apple powder, emulsifier (sodium triphosphate, soy lecithin), cream powder (1.7%), coloring agent (caramel, paprika extract), lactose, milk protein, sugar, acid (citric acid), bouillon flavor, onion extract, turmeric, bay leaf flavor, garlic extract.

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