While Hilo Market loves to provide both an easy way to get the products you love as well as exceptional customer service, we also take your privacy very seriously. While you shop on our website, we will collect personal information from you. Below are the ways we use this information in order to provide you with a great shopping experience.

  • Information we gather from you
    As you browse Hilo Market, the following information is automatically gathered:

    • Your IP address
    • Your browser type and version
    • Your operating system version
    • The referring page
    • The date and time you visit a page
    When registering an account or placing an order, the following information is collected:
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Your mailing address
    • Your phone number
    • Any other information submitted
    • Important We do not store credit card information
    This information is securely stored in databases or log files on our web server, or on third-party servers that are managed by Hilo Market, or as a cookie that is saved in your personal browser history.

  • How we use your information
    Any information that is automatically gathered by visiting Hilo Market is used for the purposes of assessing or improving the quality of our website, ensuring a consistent and smooth shopping experience for all customers, or to inform decisions related to campaigns or promotions that are managed directly by Hilo Market. Information that you provide during registration or purchasing is used in relation to orders you place, such as delivery of an order, management of previous orders, contacting you in regards to an order, and so on. From time to time, non-personal information related to your account may be used to inform decisions related to campaigns or promotions that are managed directly by Hilo Market. Additionally, your email address will be used for the purpose of informing you of changes that apply to your account.

    No information that is collected on our website and stored on our servers is sold, rented, leased, or made accessible to third parties.

  • Newsletter Opt-in
    Hilo Market may from time to time send newsletters to its customers via email regarding campaigns and promotions. The content of these emails is managed directly by Hilo Market, and receipt of emails is optional on an opt-in basis. You may choose to unsubscribe from these mailings at any time.

  • Storing cookies
    Hilo Market will store cookies in your web browser as you browse our website. The cookies contain a digital signature that identifies you as a unique shopper, without revealing or providing access to any personal information that is stored on our servers. These cookies are used to provide useful functionality, including tracking your orders, managing your account, and in-site advertising of products.

    Third party services, such as Google, may also store cookies in your web browser as you browse our website. The cookies similarly contain a digital signature for tracking purposes. These services are managed directly by Hilo Market, and we do not disclose any personal information to these services.

  • Advertising through Google, Facebook, AdRoll
    Hilo Market uses advertising services provided by Google, Facebook, and AdRoll, for the purposes of advertising its services to customers. These services use cookies in order to uniquely identify each user, and store information used for determining the types of ads to display for each user. In some cases, the information stored in these cookies may be used to display ads related to Hilo Market, even while you are not actively browsing the Hilo Market website. Hilo Market does not share your personal information with any of these third party services. Additionally, you may opt out of these advertising services by modifying your associated Google, Facebook, AdRoll, or browser preferences.

  • Right to request deletion of information
    Hilo Market is happy to comply with any request of deletion of personal information that may have been collected from you, for any reason. In order to safeguard all customer data, we reserve the right to request a form of identification for the purpose of verifying an individual during a request for deletion of personal information. Please be aware that upon deletion of information, your ability to use our site or our service may be limited.