Brand: Costco Meats
Product Code: MEAT-1033
Country of Origin: US/America
Size: 1700g±100g
Availability: In Stock

Forget frozen, try these fresh lean patties!

This pack includes 12 hamburger patties. Freshly butchered!

Expiry Dates and Shipping: The printed expiry date on Costco freshly-butchered beef products is typically 1-2 days after the purchase date. For most parts of Japan this means that the meat will arrive on the day of or the day before the printed date of expiry. For deliveries to Hokkaido, Kyushu and Okinawa your meat will likely arrive on the day of or the day after the printed date of expiry. For these reasons, it is our policy to send all freshly-butchered meats frozen to the above 3 areas. According to Real Simple magazine, raw beef roast and steaks can be kept indefinitely when frozen, but should be used within 6 and 12 months for best flavor.

In adding this product to your cart you acknowledge and accept the above and understand that we cannot accept returns or issue refunds if this product arrives on or after the printed expiry date.

If you would like your freshly-butchered meats to be sent chilled instead of frozen, please just let us know and we'd be happy to try and 'meat' your needs.


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